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    EUROTRE SRL operates for the food sector (beverages) in compliance with requirements laid down by the Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments and additions, Directive 2010/35/EU and of ADR and Reg. EC 852/2004 (HACCP)

    Sparkling water dispensers for home use and more, play an important role in the field of drinkable water treatment. The supply of CO2 (carbon dioxide) is an important aspect requiring compliance with stringent regulations and qualitative requirements. Food grade CO2, identified with the code E290, is classed as an additive and as such product traceability is compulsory; the production batch must be indicated on every cylinder (re-fillable, non-refillable and single use).

    Cylinder filling companies are required to obtain authorisation as a food business operator from the ASL (Local Health Authority) and must adopt a product traceability system vital in case of commercialised batch recall.

    EUROTRE SRL is dedicated to placing its experience and professionalism at the service of clients.

    As well as CO2 cylinders for water dispensers, EUROTRE also produces smaller capacity dispensers for beer, nitrogen and ARGON cylinders for food application, used for wine preservation.



    You can download the Beverage Brochure

    See the video of the recycable cylinders in the Media page

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