In 40 years of activity and with tens of millions of cylinders manufactured and sold all over the world, EUROTRE has achieved very high standards of reliability and safety.

EUROTRE products are the result of innovation, design and development conducted on the basis of internal experience and a careful examination of market needs; this has enabled our company to become a leader on the national and international scene in the sectors in which it operates.

EUROTRE has progressively developed its organizational and production structure, certifying all the main phases of its activity and subjecting all critical processes to the checks of important national and international certifying bodies.

EUROTRE seeks to continually improve its production processes in order to adapt them to technological evolution and to the new requirements of the market: it is committed every day to consolidating and developing its position in the sector.

This translates into a guarantee of compliance with all requirements and all regulations, in an increasingly high reliability of our products and our services and, therefore, in a consolidated satisfaction of our customers.


Decree 231/01

Eurotre complies with the organizational model required by Decree 231/01: an ethical and behavioral model recognized at European level and consisting of a coherent set of principles, procedures and provisions that affect the internal functioning of the company and the manner and transparency with which it relates to the outside world. With the aim of supervising the effectiveness of the 231/01 model, Eurotre srl. has appointed an autonomous supervisory body to which anyone can report violations or presumed violations by sending an e-mail to: marco.moretti@legalitax.it.