Even more sustainable… even more safe

Since many years already Eurotre is committed to improve the environmental aspects related to its business to become even more Green.

The first important results have been achieved in 2023:

Last month, Eurotre obtained its Certification ISO 14001. Eurotre wants to fulfil compliance obligations monitoring direct and indirect environmental aspects and impacts of its activities: such as harmful emissions into the atmosphere, waste production and energy consumption.

Not just intentions, but specific measures aimed to protecting the environment and preserving the health and safety of its workers.

With a new photovoltaic system covering approximately 2 thousand mq, with a power of 460.32 KWp, Eurotre is able to cover 50% of the company's energy consumption.

The new ERP software starting from January 2024 will allow, starting from January 2024 to monitor and optimize the business waste through a more effective cause analysis, to considerably reduce the use of paper, other than the implementation of the tracing system.

At the same time, Eurotre continues the process to improve another impacting aspect: protection of workers and safety.   

Eurotre has just finished the BBS Project, a modern system based on Identification, observation and the constant improvement of the critical behavior. This process will be improved and will keep going in the new year with continuous awareness and training   put in place to protect the safety and health of workers.

From the organization side, Eurotre designated an internal ASPP (Prevention and Protection Officer) and implemented the Corporate Policy with goals that go beyond just the productivity.


Many innovations in the coming year studied to make our cylinders even more eco-friendly, starting from the materials of the moving parts to a new device that simplifies the disposal of the vessel and consequently facilitates the recycle.

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