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    Party Baloon

    Cylinders are filled with 100% helium gas (and not air or helium mixture as many similar products available on the market) and are supplied with a new , revolutionary and double regulator together with the accessories.*
    If you use Mylar balloons you need to screw the regulator onto the cylinder, while using latex balloons you need to put into the regulator, the new rubber spout supplied. (Both devices have been redesigned in order to avoid any loss of helium during the filling of balloons).
    The new regulator supplied guarantees the filling of all the balloons declared in the packaging.
    To inflate the balloons in a simple and safety way: first of all you need to screw slightly the regulator, then put the balloon into the regulator itself (only in the case of using latex balloons, you need to add the new rubber spout) and start turning the regulator in a clockwise direction.
    When the balloon is inflated, you need to unscrew the regulator in a counterclockwise direction until the gas no longer flows. Remove the balloon and close it.
    *[ for supplied accessories (balloons and ribbons), check with your authorized dealer before purchasing]

    party balloons

    You can download the Party Baloons Brochure

    See the video of the recycable cylinders in the Media page

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