Eurotre focuses on sustainability

Our Code of Ethics guides us daily in all our management, production and commercial decisions, in our relations with employees, customers and in our shareholder activities. A simple and effective tool, available to everyone, that clearly portrays the principles that define who we are and how we operate.

We believe in respecting the ecosystem and therefore we are committed to energy saving, environmental protection and compatible development.
We are convinced that our development grows hand in hand with integration into the social life of the country.

It is an ongoing quest to make our product more and more sustainable:

- we make all our cylinders with steel that comes mainly from recycled material and is only produced in certified zero-emission steel mills.

- in 2023 we will use a 460 KWp photovoltaic plant for our energy needs, which will provide more than 500,000 KWh/year of energy, making our production almost totally independent from grid electricity.

- we are in the process of eliminating all plastic accessories to make our finished product 'plastic free' and developing new materials to eliminate the presence of polluting materials such as lead in our finished products.

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