Plastic free cylinders: our commitment to the enviroment

Lots of new products that rewrite the rules of efficiency while respecting the planet: these are Eurotre's plastic-free cylinders, ideal to be used in all sectors, but also ideal for the environment.
The new 0.95 LT and 2.2 LT models are distinguished by the use of higher-performance materials that allow greater resistance to our internal testing, which was raised to 174 BAR.
They are lighter, but more capacious! The CO2 cylinders can reach a filling capacity up to 1300 GR.

In addition, in order to make our product even more environmentally friendly, we have designed a self-standing bottom that no longer requires the plastic support, making our product 100% plastic-free

What are you waiting for? Become part of the green revolution: find the right cylinder for you or get in touch with us to request a consultation.